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The Katalina’s Historia

Katalina’s, The Little Cafe with Lots of Local Goodness™,
is happily (and hipsterly!) housed in a 100-year-old gas station. Katalina snagged this tiny old building and brought it back from the brink. This Dine Diva had a vision for a café, slinging local homemade food with attitude—but no pretense. So she set out on a mission to turn what was once also an icehouse into a hot spot for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Armed with energy, drive and flea market finds, Katalina made the place come alive with friends, neighbors and local suppliers.


It soon became what it is today—a buzz-worthy locale where people line up for miles and enter with smiles for breakfast, brunch and sandwiches—and Pancake Balls™, lots and lots of Pancake Balls™ (over a million to date, in fact)! 

Katalina Day

Katalina is owner Kathleen Day's alter-ego... that quirky friend bursting with creativity and personality, always showing off her latest travel photos, flea market finds or recipe revelations. Made from scratch and never quite what one expects, her food is heaven on a plate (angels sing) with a devilish touch too—sweet meets heat, spice plus nice. That's why Katalina's food’s got attitude with a cheeky wink (but never any pretense).


Katalina sources ethically, locally and organically as much as practice permits.

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