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Katalina's Old fashioned microphone

"Proof that farm-to-table doesn’t always equal sanctimony, this tiny, eclectic eatery uses all-local ingredients to fuel truly badass cooking."


—Josh Ozersky, Food Editor of Esquire Magazine, for The Wall Street Journal


Katalina's Contributes to this Breakfast Mecca

“A cozy, Mexico-influenced venue, Katalina’s specialties include Pancake Balls — rounds filled with dulce de leche, Nutella, or strawberry jam (they’ve served over 100,000 since 2009) — and a savory pulled-pork, avocado and over-easy egg sandwich that Dekker dubs ‘a big delicious mess.’ ”

—Lawrence Ferber for The New York Post


Out-of-Towners Visit Katalina’s

“Katalina’s Nutella-stuffed pancake balls certainly bring out quite a crowd on Sunday mornings! Their menu
is fresh, modern, and Mexican inspired (my favorite!), and includes something everyone can enjoy — even
our picky toddler! Lucy loved eating bites of Phil’s french toast while I stole pieces of his sweet and spicy
glazed bacon.”

—Mandi Johnson for Making Nice in the Midwest


7 Former Gas Stations Transformed into Must-Stop Restaurants

"The hip little restaurant offers sweeter offerings, like its famous pancake balls (choose Nutella or pumpkin-apple butter filling, among others), as well as Latin America–inspired dishes like its savory breakfast tacos and award-winning Mazatlán slow-roasted pork-and-egg sandwich. Sit at the colorful patio tables while you nosh to get a look at the original bands of enameled brick.”

—Sharon Holbrook for Preservation Magazine

Pancake Balls Change Lives

“With a quirky attitude and a tendency of rhyming —‘Katalina’s al-Fresco is the Best-O’ and ‘Forgive our bragging but this is staggering’ — Katalina’s seems like an energetic next-door neighbour who likes to cook. Located in a 100 year old gas station-turned restaurant, Katalina’s patio adds some much needed extra space, even in the winter when customers wait in the cold for some of Katalina’s famous, award-winning and sometimes life-changing pancake balls.”

—Gina Mussio for The Culture Trip


Columbus: Full of Fabulouso Surprises

“We picked Katalina’s for its lovely outdoor seating, surrounded by Victorian-style homes and quaint,
tree-lined blocks. I opted for the famous Nutella-filled pancake balls paired with sweet-and-spicy bacon,
and I’ll never be the same again. I repeat: PANCAKE BALLS with NUTELLA. Enough said. My friends got various egg sandwiches, and before we left they asked, ‘Is it acceptable to return for dinner in the same day?’ ”

—Ashley Knierim for The Frisky


Cafe Share Recipe for Its Famous Mexican 'French' Toast And Bacon

“Try Katalina's Mexican "French" toast and sweet and spicy bacon in your kitchen to bring a taste of Columbus home."

Good Morning America

7 Reasons Columbus Is America’s Next Hot City (Really!)

"Be sure to beeline your way from the airport to Katalina’s, where you can indulge in a variety of hits like pancake balls, black bean soup and avocado tacos before scribbling your name in chalk in the bathroom."


—Perri O. Blumberg for BRIT & CO.

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